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Customized Book

Customized Book

A unique gift for your loved one. Using artificial intelligence, we recreate realistic artistic characters and create stories about exciting adventures. Our books also sharpening soft skills, leveraging art therapy methods for holistic development. Books where your child is the main hero!
  •  Best for ages 1 to 7
  • Preview all 34 pages before buying
  • Printed and shipped in 48 hours
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1. Add names and characters for child, parent and grandparent: They'll appear throughout the book, including the cover.
2. Write a dedication: We'll put it pride of place on page one.
3. Choose a cover: Pick your favorite from four illustrated cover styles.

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"The fact that it spells out baby’s brand new name is just so special."

Written by Beth

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Make Your Child the Star of The Story

Make reading more fun and engaging for your kid by allowing them to see themselves in the story.

With our AI-generated storybooks, your child's face and name are seamlessly woven into the pages of beloved childhood tales.


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